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{{msg('nav-WhatAreGS1AIs') || 'What are GS1 Application Identifiers?'}}

{{msg('note-intro') || 'GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs) are prefixes used in barcodes and EPC/RFID-tags to define the meaning and format of data attributes. This tool was developed in response to the growing use of AIs in the various industry sectors to include product data beyond the GTIN, such as the batch/lot number, serial number, best before date and expiration date. It also allows users, solution providers and GS1 Member Organisations to easily view, search and share details about individual Application Identifiers through web-browsers or on a mobile device.'}}

{{msg('nav-onGS1AIs') || 'Please refer to the GS1 General Specifications for full details on GS1 Application Identifiers.'}}

{{msg('nav-TheCurrentDataset') || 'The current dataset for this tool is available in JSON-LD'}}

{{msg('nav-SelectByNumericAIOrKeyword') || 'Search by numeric AI or by keyword'}}:
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{{msg('nav-Description') || 'Description'}} {{msg(selectedAI) || aiDetails.description}}
{{msg('note-format') || 'Format'}} {{aiDetails.formatString}}
{{msg('nav-DataTitle') || 'Data Title'}} {{aiDetails.title}}
{{msg('nav-FNC1') || 'FNC1 required?'}} {{msg('nav-'+yesno[aiDetails.separatorRequired]) || yesno[aiDetails.separatorRequired]}}
{{msg('note-regex') || 'Regular expression'}} {{aiDetails.regex}}
{{msg('nav-MandatoryAssociations') || 'Mandatory associations'}}
{{msg('nav-InvalidPairings') || 'Invalid pairings'}}
{{msg('nav-PrimaryKeyInDL') || 'Primary Key in a GS1 Digital Link URI?'}} {{msg('nav-'+yesno[aiDetails.gs1DigitalLinkPrimaryKey]) || yesno[aiDetails.gs1DigitalLinkPrimaryKey]}}
{{msg('nav-GS1DLKeyQualifiers') || 'GS1 Digital Link key qualifiers'}}
{{msg('nav-Note') || 'Note'}} {{processNote(aiDetails.note,aiDetails.applicationIdentifier)}}